Information for approved applicants

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Acknowledgement requirements -

The table below outlines your requirements for acknowledging the Queensland Government for the funding you have received for any infrastructure projects under Get Playing Places and Spaces, Female Facilities Program or Get Playing Plus.

Acknowledgement requirements

Total project cost up to $500,000

Total project cost $500,001–$1 million

Total project cost over $1 million

Temporary sign

At least one temporary sign depending on street frontage. This will be provided by the department.

Permanent sign

Minimum of:
one permanent external sign
(400mm x 800mm)

Minimum of:
one permanent external sign
(500mm x 1000mm)

Minimum of:
one permanent external sign
(1000mm x 2000mm)

one permanent internal sign
(1000mm x 2000mm)


Use on websites, newsletters and in any related project material, annual reports

Acknowledgement statements

Use statement in media releases and any related project material


Invite Minister to attend events connected with the project


Produce plaque for facility opening

Temporary sign

A temporary sign supplied by the department, must be erected during construction. Please contact your local sport and recreation office for details.

Get Playing artwork

Permanent sign

A permanent external sign must be erected once the project is completed—up to $1000 of your funding can be put towards this cost.

If you have previously received Queensland Government funding and have already constructed acknowledgment signs, you may not be required to produce additional signs. Please contact your local sport and recreation office to clarify your obligations and to discuss sign location.

How to produce your sign

  1. Send your sign printer a link to this page so they can access the following sign artwork and instructions:
  2. You will receive a ‘proof’ of your sign prior to printing. Check the design and logo placement.
  3. Provide this proof to your sport and recreation adviser to obtain final approval before printing.

Logos and acknowledgments

If you receive Get Playing Places and Spaces or Get Playing Plus funding, you will need to appropriately acknowledge the Queensland Government in any promotion of your project.


All events connected to a Get Playing Places and Spaces or Get Playing Plus project need to include an invitation (DOC, 15KB) and speaking opportunity for the Minister—emailed to at least 8 weeks prior to the proposed event dates. At a minimum, you are required to hold an official opening where you will need to have:

  1. completed your facility upgrades/development
  2. erected an acknowledgment sign
  3. have a plaque created for the opening ceremony (if relevant to the project).

Contact your allocated sport and recreation adviser to help plan your event.

As a quick guide, the approximate timeline and process is:

Invite the Minister—once event date is confirmed, start preparing your plaque

8 weeks prior to event

Create an invitation, develop a guest list and run sheet, secure your venue (most likely at the project site)

6 weeks prior to event

You will be sent a function profile which you will need to complete and return to your sport and recreation adviser—providing more detailed information on the project and event.

5 weeks prior to event (approx)

Send invitations.

3 weeks prior to event

Organise catering (provide healthy food options) and develop MC notes.

2 weeks prior to event

Collate RSVPs and forward the final RSVP list and run sheet to your sport and recreation adviser, to provide to the Minister.

1 week prior to event

Example plaque template

Creating a plaque

All plaques featuring the Queensland Government logo must be approved prior to print, and be based on the appropriate plaque template. You should allow 8 weeks for the production of your plaque, which allows for approvals and confirmation of event details for plaque text.

When your event has been confirmed, contact your local plaque supplier and provide them with the text and partner logos, and links the appropriate template for design.

Once you have the plaque proof back from the supplier and their printing deadlines, send this to your sport and recreation adviser for final approval, prior to print.

Plaque templates

Important notes for plaque design and placement

Plaque size and material

An A4 brass plaque is the standard for building plaques used for infrastructure openings. However plaque materials can also include brushed aluminium, stainless steel and stone. Some situations require a variation on the standard plaque which should be discussed with their sport and recreation adviser.

Temporary plaques

If time is limited, a temporary brass-coloured plastic plaque with black font can be developed. This usually takes approximately two days for suppliers to produce. A permanent plaque will still be required afterwards.

Font and logo placement

Black Rotis Serif is the standard font. All logos in the plaque design should be of a similar size, using the Queensland Government logos provided in the template.

Placement of plaques

External plaques should be placed in a predominant position on the building structure where it will be seen by members and visitors to the facility—affixed to built structures, not animate objects like trees.

Internal plaques should be placed in a predominant position on an internal wall either in the entry to the facility or any internal wall where it will be seen by members and visitors to the facility.

Reporting on the project

Please ensure that you have taken the time to read the Goods and Services Tax (GST) fact sheet (PDF, 224KB) . This document outlines the effects of GST on approved grants.

Female Facilities Program

Get Playing Places and Spaces

Get Playing Plus

Please contact your local sport and recreation office to clarify your obligations and processes.