Active Clubs

Active Clubs provides funding of up to $2,000 for either equipment or training to local and regional sport and active recreation organisations delivering physical activity throughout Queensland.

Round 1 is now closed. See a list of all round 1 funding recipients.

Program changes due to COVID-19

If your organisation received funding under Active Clubs and you’re able to use the funds for their intended purpose, keep doing so until 31 January 2021.

If you want to use the funding for a different purpose, contact your local Sport and Recreation office.

Who can apply

Your organisation needs to meet the following criteria to apply.

Your organisation is a registered sport or recreation club

Organisations eligible to apply for funding must be:

No outstanding compliance issues

By the time applications closed on 15 November 2019, your organisation must:

To check if your organisation has any outstanding compliance issues with either the Department of Housing and Public Works or the Office of Fair Trading, contact your local Sport and Recreation office.

You didn’t receive funding in a previous round

Organisations can only be approved funding once every 2 rounds.

If your organisation is approved in round 1, you are ineligible to apply for round 2 in 2020, except if you are a multisport or regional organisation.

Read the terms and conditions for Active Clubs funding

What you can receive funding for

Funding of up to $2,000 (GST exclusive) is available. The total project cost can exceed $2,000 however, your organisation has to pay the difference.

Your organisation can only apply for equipment or training under one category, either:

  • on-field support to help deliver quality physical activity experiences
  • off-field support to improve your ability to manage the organisation.

The department will prioritise projects that support on-field delivery of quality physical activity experiences over those that provide off-field support to manage an organisation.

When we select projects, we may also consider:

  • projects that promote inclusion for key groups of Queenslanders who may experience greater barriers to physical activity e.g. people who live in socio-economically disadvantaged areas
  • distribution of funding across sport and active recreation activities
  • distribution of funding throughout Queensland based on the location of the organisation.

For example:

  • On-field support
    • equipment to improve the quality or safety of physical activity experiences (including balls, bats, racquets, helmets, batting pads, goal post padding)
    • resources or technology to support coaching staff in the delivery physical activity (including coaching manuals/aids, software)
    • equipment or training to support inclusion for key groups of Queenslanders (modified equipment, cultural capability training)
    • coach/official/instructor education and accreditation
  • Off-field support
    • office equipment/software to assist organisations with financial/administration management
    • governance, financial or volunteer management training/courses/conferences

What will not be funded

  • canteen and white goods
  • capital works or fixed structures (e.g. shade sails, stands and signs)
  • catering/food purchases
  • discreet consultancy without any education or training for the organisation (e.g. developing a strategic plan/grant application or administration fees)
  • feasibility studies or research
  • individual membership or participation fees
  • individual uniforms given to participants
  • maintenance of existing equipment
  • your organisation’s normal operating costs, employment or administration costs
  • prizes, giveaways, alcohol, recognition items, merchandise
  • wages of ongoing or seasonal nature (e.g. paid coaches)
  • participation programs.

If your application is successful

We will contact you and let you know if your application has been successful or not. You can also view a list of successful applications for round 1 of Active Clubs.

Your approved project can begin from 31 January 2020 subject to receipt of a project approval letter and terms and conditions from the department. Expenses incurred before this date are not eligible for funding.

Funding will be processed as one payment once you have been notified.

If your organisation receives funding, you will need to appropriately acknowledge the Queensland Government in any promotion of the project.

More information

This program is an initiative under the Activate! Queensland 10-year sport and active recreation strategy. Find out more about the Active Clubs initiative.