Community and Recreational Assets Recovery and Resilience Program

The Community and Recreational Assets Recovery and Resilience Program is a $45 million jointly funded Australian and Queensland Government initiative to assist in the clean-up and repair of community and recreational assets damaged by the extraordinary disaster events of financial year (FY) 2021-22.

The program supports local governments and eligible not-for-profit sport and active recreation organisations in the 37 Queensland local government areas (LGAs) affected by extraordinary weather events, including:

  • Central, Southern and Western Queensland Rainfall and Flooding: 10 November to 3 December 2021.
  • Ex-Tropical Cyclone Seth: 29 December 2021 to 10 January 2022.
  • South East Queensland Rainfall and Flooding: 22 February 2022 to onwards.

To better understand the extent of the damage of these devastating events, we are opening an expressions of interest (EOI) process to target funding allocation and accelerate the recovery of those communities impacted the most.

Key dates

EOI submissions open 13 June 2022
EOI submissions close 5pm (AEST) 8 July 2022
Stage 2 commences July 2022
Preliminary sites/projects identified 19 August 2022
Project/s completed 30 June 2024
Project/s acquitted and reports submitted 31 August 2024


A total of up to $45 million in funding is available under this program, that will:

  • assist local governments and not-for-profit sport and active recreation associations to clean-up and/or repair, or build resilience of eligible community and recreational assets and facilities that have been damaged by the extraordinary disaster events of FY 2021-22 and are considered ineligible for Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) Category B funding
  • support the repair or replacement of disaster impacted community assets and facilities that are that are inadequately insured, uninsured, or not able to be insured due to the location of the asset
  • assist in local recovery efforts by resuming service delivery to the community, contributing to the restoration of social and community networks, community recovery and relieving distress caused by the extraordinary events.

Repair and replacement are a priority under this program and resilience and mitigation, and/or betterment works are subject to available budget.

Who can apply

The EOI will allow submissions from not-for-profit sport and active recreation organisations, as well as local governments (seeking to manage projects/s as the asset owner/manager, on behalf of a not-for-profit sport and active recreation organisation).

Eligible not-for-profit sport and active recreation organisations can only submit one (1) EOI per damaged asset. For eligible multi-site organisations a separate EOI must be submitted for each damaged asset.

Local governments can submit for multiple damaged assets on a single EOI form.

We may consult directly with impacted not-for-profit organisations and local governments, which may occur prior to the EOI closing date.

Prioritisation of available funding across local government and not-for-profit projects will be undertaken collaboratively by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority and the department as part of Stage 2 and moderation process.

Local government

Eligible local government applicants are those that:

  • own or operate community and recreational assets located in a local government area activated for an eligible extraordinary event
  • can demonstrate the asset has been directly impacted or damaged by the eligible event
  • the asset is ineligible under DRFA Category B
  • have limited or no insurance to cover the works.

Not for Profit sport and active recreation organisations

Eligible not-for-profit sport and active recreation organisations are those that:

  • are an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, with sport or active recreation as its primary objective
  • manages sport or recreational assets that have been directly damaged by one of the eligible events, and are located within a LGA that is activated for the event
  • have the legal right to conduct works on the damaged asset
  • have limited or no insurance to cover the works on the damaged asset.

Local governments may manage projects/s on behalf of a not-for-profit sport and recreation organisation as the asset owner/manager.

Application process

This program is split into 2 stages. An EOI process will be undertaken, to close on 8 July 2022. Eligible organisations that do not submit an EOI by the closing date will not be invited to submit an application under Stage 2 and will not be considered for funding under this program.

Stage 1: Expression of interest

An EOI must be submitted to us to be invited to be considered for funding under Stage 2 of this program. Your organisation’s EOI must outline the damage received under this declared event, as well as requirements for funding. EOI’s will be submitted via our online grants system. Organisations must complete this step in order to be considered for progression to Stage 2.

Local governments may lodge for multiple assets under one EOI. The EOI requires details of each proposed project, including:

  • project name and description
  • accurate project location
  • description of event damage to the eligible asset/facility
  • post-disaster photographs of the event damage to the asset (preferably JPEG format and geo-tagged)
  • description of proposed works required to clean up, repair or replace the asset to pre-disaster function and resume service delivery to the community and, where seeking to build resilience of the asset, the corresponding description of works to increase the resilience of the asset to future flood events
  • cost estimate or quotation for the proposed works
  • details of other support sought or received under other Category C/D DRFA grant programs, or through insurance.
  • the applicant’s project priority – if lodging multiple project EOIs.

We will review the EOI against the objectives and eligibility criteria and may undertake site damage assessments to validate the EOI. We will advise eligible applicants of projects identified to progress to detailed application and negotiation stage, and any associated process.

Stage 2: Detailed submission

To progress to this stage, organisations must have:

  • submitted a completed EOI before the closing date
  • met all eligibility requirements under the ‘Who Can Apply’ section above.

Where the above are met, we will invite your organisation to submit an application for funding under Stage 2. Further details and information will be required as part of Stage 2. We will advise of the application requirements if your organisation is invited to participate in Stage 2.

How to apply

Online expression of interest

  1. Check if your organisation is eligible.
  2. Log in or create an Enquire applicant portal account.
  3. Complete the online EOI.
  4. Submit the EOI.

Step 1: Check eligibility

Read the ‘Who Can Apply’ section above to determine if your organisation is eligible for this EOI.

Step 2: Log in or create an Enquire applicant portal account

Log in or create an Enquire applicant portal account.

System requirements

  • You may not be able to complete an EOI from a tablet or smartphone that uses a mobile operating system like iOS or Android. The Enquire grants system requires a desktop operating system such as Windows or Mac OS.
  • An up-to-date web browser is recommended e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
  • An up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended.

How to use the Enquire system

Sport and Recreation is upgrading the Grant Registration Portal (GRP) to enhance our grants management system (Enquire), making it faster and easier to use, ensuring ongoing security of all information and speeding up payments.

  • If you have an ‘Enquire’ account for your organisation and know the login details (username and password) please apply online.
  • If this is the first time your organisation has registered for ‘Enquire’, you will need to create an applicant portal account.
  • complete the required information, including:
    • your details and the organisation’s details
    • agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • activate the account by clicking on the link sent to the registered email. If you do not receive the activation link, email
  • If you have an ‘Enquire’ account for your organisation but have forgotten the login details (username and password), select the ‘Forgot your password?’ link under the log in area of Enquire.
  • Enter the email address associated with your account and select ‘Continue’.
  • An email will be sent to your email address with your user ID and temporary password. You will be prompted to change this password the next time you log in.
  • If you have an ‘Enquire’ account for your organisation and would like to register a new person (e.g. new employee or committee member) to access the organisation’s account, please email

Step 3: Complete the online EOI

  1. Read the instructions on this page carefully.
  2. Enter the required organisation information into Enquire.
  3. Complete the EOI, including:
    1. Downloading and completing any attachments
    2. Attaching photographic evidence where requested
  4. If you’d like to pause your EOI, simply click ‘Save’ at any time and you can return to it later by logging back into your account.

Step 4: Submit the EOI

  1. Only submit the EOI once it is fully complete. Once ‘submitted’, an EOI cannot be retrieved or edited.
  2. Applicants accept the Community and Recreational Assests Recovery and Resilience Program terms and conditions when submitting their online EOI form.
  3. All EOIs must be submitted before 5:00 pm (AEST) on 8 July 2022.

Checking your submitted EOI

You can check the status of your EOI by logging into Enquire. You can log in to your applicant portal account (current user) and go to the ‘My Applications’ section.

If your EOI is eligible

Organisations that meet the eligibility criteria and submit the EOI before the closing date may progress to Stage 2 where a detailed application process would be initiated.

Queensland local government areas (LGAs)

List of LGAs activated under the above extraordinary events FY 2021-22:

  1. Balonne Shire Council
  2. Banana Shire Council
  3. Barcaldine Regional Council
  4. Barcoo Shire Council
  5. Blackall-Tambo Regional Council
  6. Boulia Shire Council
  7. Brisbane City Council
  8. Bundaberg Regional Council
  9. Carpentaria Shire Council
  10. Central Highland Regional Council
  11. Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire
  12. Diamantina Shire Council
  13. Flinders Shire Council
  14. Fraser Coast Regional Council
  15. Gladstone Regional Council
  16. Gold Coast City Council
  17. Goondiwindi Regional Council
  18. Gympie Regional Council
  19. Ipswich City Council
  20. Isaac Regional Council
  21. Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council
  22. Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  23. Logan City Council
  24. Longreach Regional Council
  25. Maranoa Regional Council
  26. Moreton Bay Regional
  27. Murweh Shire Council
  28. Noosa Shire Council
  29. North Burnett Regional Council
  30. Redland City Council
  31. Scenic Rim Regional Council
  32. Somerset Regional Council
  33. South Burnett Regional Council
  34. Southern Downs Regional Council
  35. Sunshine Coast Regional Council
  36. Toowoomba Regional Council
  37. Western Downs Regional Council

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