Find a funding program

For children

  • FairPlay vouchers support families with up to $150 per eligible child towards the cost of sport and recreation club membership fees.
  • Emerging Athlete Pathways provides up to $800 for athletes and officials under 18 to attend state, national and international competitions.
  • SwimStart supports families with up to $150 per eligible child age 0 to 4 towards the cost of learn to swim lessons.

For clubs and organisations

  • Register your organisation to accept FairPlay vouchers. Up to $150 can be used by eligible children to help pay for club membership, registration and/or participation fees for registered organisations.
  • Register your organisation’s state, national and international events through Emerging Athlete Pathways to ensure your athletes and officials are eligible for support.
  • The Minor Infrastructure and Inclusive Facilities Fund provides funding to enhance community sport and active recreation by making accessible, safe, and inclusive spaces.
  • Active Clubs provides funding to not-for-profit local and regional sport and active recreation organisations to support volunteers and provide flexible and safe physical activity opportunities to increase sport active and recreation participation.

Disaster recovery

Not currently activated

Other Sport and Recreation funding sources

  • Your local council may provide funding to support not-for-profit organisations.
  • Your state sport and recreation organisation may have information about what funding is available for your chosen activity.
  • The Sport Australia provides a range of funding for individual and sporting organisations.