COVID SAFE Active Clubs Kickstart

COVID SAFE Active Clubs Kickstart provides funding of $2,000 to sport or active recreation organisations so they can restart and continue delivery of physical activity opportunities to the Queensland community post-COVID-19.

Read the Active Clubs Kickstart Guidelines (PDF, 555 KB) for more detail about the program requirements.

Round is now closed. See a list of all funding recipients.

If your organisation receives funding, you will need to appropriately acknowledge the Queensland Government in any promotion of the project.

Who can apply

Your organisation needs to meet the following criteria to apply.

Organisations approved for funding under Active Clubs Round 1 are eligible to apply for COVID SAFE Active Clubs Kickstart.

No outstanding compliance issues

At the time of application, your organisation must:

  • have no outstanding compliance issues with the Office of Fair Trading of more than 6 months
  • have no debt owing to the department.

Before applying for this program, contact the Office of Fair Trading or telephone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or your nearest Sport and Recreation office to determine whether the organisation has any outstanding compliance issues.

Your application must be accurate

Organisations need to ensure their application is accurate. Incorrect applications will be deemed ineligible.

A copy of the organisation’s actual bank statement must be uploaded, which provides BSB, Account Number and Account Name of the organisation. Bank statements must be recent, that is within the last 12 months prior to application.

A transaction screenshot or internet banking print-out will not be accepted.

We can, however, accept a print-out or letter which has been bank stamped and verified by the bank.

It is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure the name on the bank account details provided with the application matches the organisation’s legal name. The application will be deemed ineligible if the name on the nominated bank account differs from the organisation’s legal name and entity name on the Australian Business Register.

An example of a correct bank statement (click for a larger image)

Read the terms and conditions for more detail.

What you can receive funding for

Funding of $2,000 (GST exclusive) is available. The total project cost can exceed $2,000 however, your organisation must pay the difference.

Your organisation can only apply for funding under one of the following categories as your primary focus:

  • equipment to help deliver quality physical activity experiences e.g. equipment to improve the quality or safety of physical activity experiences (including balls, bats, racquets, helmets, batting pads, goal post padding)
  • training to help deliver quality physical activity experiences e.g. coach/official/instructor education and accreditation
  • equipment to improve your ability to manage the organisation: e.g. office equipment/software to assist organisations with financial/administration management
  • training to improve your ability to manage the organisation e.g. governance, financial or volunteer management training/courses/conferences
  • catering/food purchases to set up for restart post COVID-19 e.g. replace perishables that expired during COVID-19 restrictions
  • operational expenses including costs to deliver activities, utilities, ground and facility maintenance costs, safety and sanitisation requirements e.g. water and electricity utilities bills, COVID-19 related signage, and sanitisation stations

While you can only choose 1 main category, approved funding can be used across multiple eligible projects.

What will not be funded

  • White goods
  • Capital works or fixed structures (e.g. shade sails and stands)
  • Discreet consultancy without any education/training for the organisation (e.g. developing a strategic plan/grant application or administration fees)
  • Feasibility studies/research
  • Prizes/giveaways/alcohol/recognition items/merchandise
  • Wages of ongoing/seasonal nature (e.g. paid coaches).

If your application is approved

We will contact you and let you know if your application has been approved or not. You can also view a list of successful applications.

Your approved expenditure can be claimed from as early as 23 March 2020 subject to receipt of a project approval letter and terms and conditions from the department. Expenses incurred before this date are not eligible for funding.

Funding will be processed as one payment once you have been notified.

If your organisation receives funding, you will need to appropriately acknowledge the Queensland Government in any promotion of the project.

More information

This initiative is part of the Sport and Recreation COVID SAFE Restart Plan.

Find out more about support for returning to play for clubs and organisations.