Get Going Clubs - funding to help clubs grow

Get Going Clubs acknowledgement requirements

If you received Get Going Clubs funding, you will need to appropriately acknowledge the Queensland Government in any promotion of the project.

Reporting on your Get Going Clubs projects

When you have completed your Get Going Clubs project, you will need to fill out two documents:

  • Declaration and acquittal form
  • Project acquittal report

These two documents detail the outcomes of your project and ask for your feedback.

Please ensure that you have taken the time to read the Goods and Services Tax (GST) fact sheet (PDF, 224KB) for more information surrounding the GST requirements on approved grants.

Declaration and acquittal form

  • Download and complete the declaration and acquittal form (PDF, 127KB).
  • Have two duly authorised members of your organisation’s committee sign the declaration.
  • Scan and save a copy for your files.
  • Attach this form when submitting your project acquittal report.

Project acquittal report

Step 1 – Get your information ready

Important: You cannot save an online project acquittal report and go back at a later date to finish. Before starting the online process, make sure you have the correct details for the following information:

  • organisation’s legal name
  • contact person details for the project, including name, job title (if applicable), telephone number and email address
  • the project reference number
  • details of the funded project as outlined in the service agreement or letter of offer
  • details of what was delivered (e.g. number of participants attending training or specific activities)
  • project costs
  • completed, signed and scanned declaration and acquittal form.

Step 2Complete and submit your report

Once you have all your project information, complete the online project acquittal report: