Office of Fair Trading forms

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    • Complaints

      Find all related forms to complain about a business or an unsafe product. We do not charge fees to submit any of these forms.

    • Property sales

      Find forms for dealing with real estate agents, letting agents, property developers or similar agents. Please note that we charge fees with some forms.

    • Customer identity declaration (PDF, 112KB)

      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

      Use this form if you need to confirm your identity. You will need it if:

      • you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person
      • your birth isn’t registered.

    Businesses and regulated sectors

    Forms for licensed or registered operators

    Other business forms

    Associations and non-profits

    • Incorporated associations

      Find forms for your incorporated association. This includes applying, setting up, closing, changing details, reporting or transferring status.

    • Charities

      Find forms for your charity. This includes registering, de-registering and applying to fundraise.

    • Cooperatives

      Find forms for your cooperative. This includes setting up, closing, changing directors, making rule changes and reporting.

    • Limited liability partnerships

      Find forms for your limited liability partnership.