Fair Trading online services

Information about our online portal

Our online portal makes it easier for you to use our online services.

Once you create an account and confirm your identity, your form will be pre-filled. This means all your information will be automatically filled in from what you've previously provided to us, saving you time and energy.

You will also be able to login at any time to track the status of your licence or certificate renewal with us.

Once you create an account and verify your identity, you will be able to use it to access these services and all future ones as they are added.

The OFT offers a number of  services online and more will be added to the online portal in the future.

How to start

You will need your OFT-issued licence, certificate or organisation number if you wish to renew your licence or certificate or lodge your annual return.

Select the service you want to use (licence or certificate renewal; or annual return for an association or charity). You’ll  then be prompted to enter your licence, certificate or organisation number.

You will also be asked to create a QGov account. If you already have one, simply login.

Why create a QGov account

The Queensland Government offers hundreds of services online. Creating a QGov account will give you access to these online services, including renewing your driver licence or car registration.

Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. If you don't want to remember another username and password, you can log in using your existing Google or Microsoft account.

You can create a QGov account through our website by clicking the renew or annual return button below and entering your licence or organisation number.

To receive a prefilled form, the secretary, president or treasurer of an incorporated association or secretary of a charity needs to create an individual QGov account.

Linking your QGov account to OFT

Once you have created a QGov account, we need you to prove that you are you.

We will ask you a series of questions based on information we already hold about you in our databases. If you answer correctly, your QGov account will be permanently linked to OFT, and you’ll be able to see your personal data when you access our services.

Remember, you only have to prove your identity once, so next time you can login and get started straight away.

You don’t have to create a QGov account to submit your renewal or annual return online. You can still lodge these forms online using a non-prefilled public form however, without a QGov account online status updates will not be available for licence or certificate renewals.

‘Step up’ your QGov account to receive a prefilled licence renewal form

If we don’t hold enough information about you in our database to confirm your identity, we can’t link your account to OFT and you will not be provided with a prefilled form.

You can ‘step up’ your QGov account and add additional information into our database by providing a certified copy of your driver’s licence or passport.

This documentation can be posted to the OFT Industry Licensing Unit or provided in person at a Queensland Government service centre or OFT counter.

Once this information has been received and entered into our database, you can log into our online services using your QGov account, answer the identification questions, and your account will be permanently linked to OFT, and you will be provided with a prefilled form.

Technical information

You can use our online services on the latest version of:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari.

If you are having problems, we recommend you update to the latest version of the browser.

Our online services also support the following mobile browsers, so you can access our services from your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Safari (Apple iOS-based devices such as iPhone and iPad)
  • Android Browser (Android-based devices such as Samsung Galaxy)
  • Google Chrome Mobile (Apple and Android devices).

If you are having problems on a mobile device, we recommend you try a different device and/or browser if possible.

Pop-ups are used within the portal. Please ensure pop-ups are enabled before you start.

Online forms


Renew your:

  • real estate licence
  • resident letting agent licence
  • motor dealer licence
  • auctioneer licence
  • chattel auctioneer licence
  • field agent licence
  • security class 1 licence
  • security class 2 licence
  • property salesperson certificate
  • motor salesperson certificate
  • debt collector sub-agent certificate.


Apply for incorporation of an association.

Annual return

  • Submit an annual return and supporting financial documents for your:
    incorporated association
  • charity.

Audit report

Lodge your trust account audit report.


  • auditors
  • real estate agents and resident letting agents
  • auctioneers and chattel auctioneers
  • motor dealers (if you sell used vehicles on consignment)
  • field agents (if you collect debts on behalf of someone else).


You can:

  • get a replacement certificate or licence
  • request an extract of information about a licensed individual or corporation, incorporated association or cooperative
  • get a copy of a certificate for an incorporated association, charity, registered fundraiser or cooperative.

Make a payment

Pay an outstanding amount from an online transaction using your customer reference number (CRN).

Infringement notice

Respond to an infringement notice issued by the OFT or the Queensland Police Service on behalf of us.