Check your application's progress

Normal processing time

We will process most applications in the following times:

Type of application Time

Industry licences or registrations for:

Up to 6 weeks

Industry licences or permits for:

No set timeframe

A certificate of registration for these types of organisation:

Up to 4 weeks

Please note: we cannot give you a timeframe for tattoo licences or permits. This is because multiple government agencies take part in the approval process.

Details and fees

The process will take longer if we have to contact you about missing details or fees. You must not do business until you get a licence or certificate of registration.

We will start processing your application once you pay your fees. You can check your bank statement for debits or cleared cheque payments to see if we’ve processed your fee payment.

Criminal history check

The processing times can be quite long if you need a criminal history check, which can take up to 6 weeks by itself.

This is because:

  • we send the check to the Queensland Police Service
  • it’s a thorough and time-consuming process
  • we cannot progress your application until we get it back.

Completing your application

Before you send your application or registration form to us, check that you have:

  • signed the form
  • completed the declaration
  • included the correct fee, including the criminal history check fee if required
  • attached certified proof of your identity
  • attached passport-sized photographs (if required)
  • provided proof of training completion (if required)
  • fulfilled all other requirements.

Each form has a checklist at the end to make the process easier.

Incomplete applications

If you send us an incomplete application, we will send you a letter setting out the outstanding requirements. You will have 28 days to provide the outstanding requirements.

Otherwise, we will withdraw your application and refund any applicable fees. If this happens, you will need to apply again.

After 6 weeks

If you don’t hear from us after 6 weeks, please call us.

When you call us, please have with you:

  • a copy of your application or registration form
  • any reference number we’ve given you
  • any correspondence you got from us
  • a note of any relevant dates, such as when you lodged your application or paid your fees.