Special interest vehicle scheme

Number plates

Special interest vehicles are issued S series plates. You can choose either a standard S plate or USA style S plate for your vehicle. Motorcycles and small trailers are issued a small S plate.

Plate imageDescription

Standard S plate

Standard S plate
For passenger and commercial vehicles

USA style S plate

USA style S plate
For passenger and commercial    vehicles

Small S plate

Small S plate
For motorcycles and small    trailers

Previously issued special interest vehicle number plate

Square S plate
Previously    issued special interest vehicle number plate—cannot be reissued.

Square S plates that are already attached to your special interest vehicle can continue to be used. If these plates are cancelled or need to be replaced, a different S series plate will be issued.

Green on white and traditional retro plates may also be used on a special interest vehicle if they are already attached or have been customised.

Another option is to attach personalised plates to your special interest vehicle. Visit or call 136 356 for more information.

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