Charitable and community service concessions

Charitable and community service organisations have to meet the following eligibility requirements.

Eligibility requirements

Charitable concession

A charitable concession may only be granted to an organisation that meets the following criteria:

The charitable concession exempts an approved organisation from paying the registration and traffic improvement fee on eligible vehicles registered to the organisation. The only payment required is the compulsory third party (CTP) insurance premium. The concession can be applied to more than one vehicle.

Eligible vehicles for this concession are:

  • light and heavy motor vehicles and trailers. Concession cannot be applied to vehicles used for commercial purposes or for hire or profit.

Community service concession

A community service concession may only be granted to an organisation that meets the following criteria:

The community service concession enables an approved organisation to pay a reduced registration fee for eligible vehicles registered to the organisation. The full traffic improvement fee and CTP insurance premium are payable. The concession can be applied to more than one vehicle.

Eligible vehicles for this concession are:

  • light and heavy motor vehicles
  • load carrying trailers (not equipment trailers) with an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of 4.5t or more. Trailers with an ATM of 4.5t or less are not eligible for this concession.

Definition of persons in distress

Persons in distress is defined as any person in distress as a result of:

  • death or disability of another person on whom they were wholly or partly dependent
  • disease, sickness, age, physical or mental infirmity, destitution, unemployment
  • fire, flood, cyclone, drought, war or other emergency or catastrophe.

Vehicle usage

Organisations applying for a charitable or community service concession are required to declare how the vehicles will be used on the concession application form.

Vehicles must be used soley to deliver the services of the organisation, for example:

  • collecting  and delivering food parcels
  • providing  in-home nursing care
  • attending  medical appointments with dependent clients
  • transporting  clients to a secure location (in cases of domestic violence).

Conditions of use

For a full list, refer to section 6 conditions of use in the assessment for a charitable or community service concession application (F4508).

How to apply

Complete the assessment for a charitable or community service concession application (F4508).

You must also provide:

Your application cannot be considered until all documentation is provided. If approved, you will get a concession on eligible vehicles from the date the application was received.

Send your application to:

Department of Transport and Main Roads
Registration Policy Unit
Registration and Licensing
PO Box 673


Email your application to

Organisations already approved for a charitable or community service concession and are adding additional vehicle/s

Complete the registration concession application (F4517) and take it to your nearest transport and motoring customer service centre or, if you live in a rural area, a QGAP office, Magistrates Court or local police station that provides vehicle registration services—please call to confirm before visiting.