Change your customer reference number

Driver licence showing customer reference number in top right corner
A driver licence showing the customer reference number in the top right corner.
Licence showing card number
A driver licence showing the card number at the bottom of the card in the centre.
Back of driver licence indicating card number in the bottom right corner
Your card number is also displayed on the back bottom right of your licence.

Your customer reference number, also shown as your licence number is used for a lot of products and documents with us, such as your driver licence, registration, infringements and fines.

You can find your customer reference number in the top right corner on the front of your driver licence. It is marked as your licence number, authority number or reference number.

How to replace your card

From Wednesday 1 March, if your details are compromised by a data breach, you can apply for a replacement driver licence online (with a new card number) and pay the fee.

Replace your card by post

If you can’t get to a transport and motoring customer service centre for medical reasons or you are interstate/overseas, you can complete a remote driver licence kit.

You must meet all application requirements listed.

Contact us

If you need more information about changing your driver licence number, please message us.

Checking your transport and motoring information

Check the address, email address and contact details that we have on file for you.

Log into My account

You can see the details of any registrations or infringements that have been recorded against your customer reference number.

You can apply an additional level of security to your account to require extra information provided before your account information can be accessed online.

Keep your information safe

Protect yourself from fraud and scams by looking out for any suspicious or unexpected activity across your online accounts, including your bank accounts.

Stay vigilant and report any fraudulent activity immediately to the relevant authority.

Look out for scammers who may have your personal information including suspicious emails, texts, phone calls or messages on social media.

Never click on any links that look suspicious and never provide your passwords, or any personal or financial information.

Find more information about scam emails and how to make sure your email from us is legitimate.

How we maintain your privacy

We're committed to protecting your personal information. We do this through a range of measures, including security, multi-factor authentication and firewalls to prevent unauthorised access. Our privacy and security statement has more information about how we keep your information safe.

Your Queensland licence cards also have security features to help protect against identity theft and fraud.

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