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Upgrading a licence

If you have a Queensland provisional or open licence, you can learn to drive the next highest vehicle class.  

If your provisional or open licence only authorises you to drive a class of motor vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission, you are also authorised to learn to drive or ride the same or higher class of motor vehicle fitted with a manual transmission.

Different rules apply when learning to ride motorcycles.

Learning to drive a higher class

When learning to ride or drive in a higher licence class, you must:

  • be accompanied by a supervisor who
    • holds an open licence in the licence class you are learning to drive in
    • has held that licence class for at least 1 year
  • clearly display L plates at the front and rear of the vehicle (back only for motorcycles)
  • show your provisional or open licence to a police officer if required
  • obey a zero alcohol limit
  • not be under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs
  • obey any conditions stated on your licence.

Unaccompanied learner drivers will get 4 demerit points and a $201 fine.

The maximum court-imposed penalty for this offence is more than $2,500.

Moving to a higher class

To apply for the next higher class, you must hold your current licence for a set period.

This period:

  • must have occurred in the last 5 years
  • can be continuous or made up of different individual lengths of time (excluding any time that your licence was suspended, surrendered, cancelled or expired).
Current licence class Minimum length of time Next higher licence class
C 1 year RE
RE 1 year R
C 1 year LR or MR
C 2 years HR
LR or MR 1 year HR
MR or HR 1 year HC
HR or HC 1 year MC

How to apply

To apply for the next higher class of licence you must:

Once you meet these requirements you can apply for your current licence to be re-issued with the new class.

Upgrading to a multi-combination (MC) licence

Find out more about upgrading to a multi-combination (MC) licence if you are looking to upgrade your heavy rigid (HR) or heavy combination (HC) licence.

Book your practical driving test online

If you’re ready to take your practical driving test, you can book and pay for the test online.

Make sure you have your learner licence number and a Visa or MasterCard.

You can also reschedule your booking if you give more than 1 day’s notice.

Note: Q-SAFE practical riding tests for class RE and R motorcycle licences are no longer booked online.

Last updated
30 June 2017
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