Protecting your identity

We have steps in place to help protect your identity if your driver licence or photo identification card details have been compromised.

If you're concerned or suspect your card details have been compromised, you should replace your card. For example, your details have been exposed during a data breach.

If you know your card details have been compromised, for example, someone has stolen your identity, you should:

Read about how to prevent identity theft and the most recent data breaches by visiting IDCARE, Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service.

How replacing your card helps protect your identity

Organisations, such as banks and telcos, need 2 numbers from your card to confirm your identity through the Australian Government Document Verification Service. This means you are asked to provide both:

When we replace your card, we'll also replace your card number. Your previous card number can't be used to validate your identity through the Document Verification Service.

When to replace your card

You can replace your card and pay the fee at any time. Here are some examples when you should consider replacing your card:

  • your details held by an organisation, such as a bank or telco, have been exposed in a data breach
  • you suspect your card details have been compromised
  • you would like to take extra precautions to protect your details
  • your details have been used for fraudulent activity.

How to replace your card

To replace your card, you can either:

When replacing your card, you'll need to pay the card replacement fee. Make sure you keep your receipt as some organisations may reimburse you for the cost of the replacement card/s.

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[How to protect your identity]

To protect Queenslander’s identities. The Department of Transport and Main Roads has put measures in place to better protect customers from unauthorised use of their driver's licence or photo identification card.

This means that organisations such as banks and telcos that verify your identity using your card details. Now need to complete a two-factor verification process to confirm your identity. Making your data more secure. When you are applying for finance, signing up to online services or even selling items on eBay, you now need to provide your customer reference number and card number, which is located on the back of your card.

This is because both numbers on your card must pass a Document Verification Service or DVS check. The DVS is the service that organisations use  to confirm your identity by verifying your details against TMR records.  The DVS is managed by the Department of Home Affairs and also validates other government issued products like passports and Medicare cards.

The unique card number on the back of your card is similar to the CVV number on a credit or debit card when making online purchases. Having two unique numbers helps protect Queenslanders against unauthorised use of their identity. Unlike the customer reference number, the card number changes each time you are issued a new card.

This means that you will only need to get a new card issued when both your customer reference number and card number have been compromised, making it quicker and easier for you to protect your identity.

If your card details have been compromised. You can easily replace your card online for a fee or visit a Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre. This will generate a new card number and you will be provided with a new card. This means your identity will no longer be compromised.

Please keep a copy of your receipt and seek reimbursement for the licence replacement cost from the organisation responsible for the data breach.

Find out more by searching Protecting your identity. [Queensland Government logo]