Multiservice business operators and board member requirements

Board members of organisations providing regulated services to children are considered to be business operators and have obligations under the blue card system.

There are many organisations that provide multiple regulated services to children under a single business structure. When making an application for a blue card as a business operator, it is important to indicate all the categories of child-related regulated businesses the service is providing.

Multiservice board member

Some organisations provide multiple child-related regulated services under their business structure. This means their board members will be business operators under more than 1 category of child-related regulated business, for example an organisation that provides a licensed care service, education and care services (kindergarten or day care), and a health, counselling and support service. In this situation, the board members are business operators under 3 categories of child-related regulated business; licensed care services, education and care and health, counselling and support services.

As business operators, board members may be accountable to a governing or peak body depending on the type of child-related regulated service they operate.

During the application process, a business operator will be automatically linked to the relevant governing or peak body. For example, a board member of:

Linking to a governing or peak body

When a business operator applies for a blue card, and selects the appropriate category of regulated business, they are automatically linked to the relevant regulatory governing or peak body.

This means the relevant regulatory governing or peak body are notified if a business operator’s blue or exemption card is suspended or cancelled. The relevant regulatory governing or peak body can then ensure the person is not undertaking any regulated activities under the blue card system without a valid blue card and will advise the organisation where relevant.

An organisation is not required to link business operators to the organisation unless they are also volunteering or a paid employee.

It is important for business operators to select the appropriate category of regulated business so the relevant governing or peak body is notified of any changes to their blue card status.

The below table will help you determine which category of regulated business applies.

Board operations Category of regulated business
Childcare centre, outside school hours care or kindergarten Education and care services
Support and counselling services for youth Health, counselling and support services
Provides care for children under the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs Licensed care services under the Child Protection Act 1999
Provides disability services or NDIS supports or services to a child with disability Disability work
Operating a service where a child accommodation service is provided under funding by the Australian Government or the Queensland Department of Education Hostels for children (other than a residential facility) i.e. refuge for children

Providing your blue card information

Once you receive confirmation of your blue or exemption card approval, provide your blue card details to the HR manager or blue card coordinator of the organisation for which you are a board member or director. The organisation will record your blue card details in their blue card register, under the board or director register tab. The HR manager or blue card coordinator may request a copy of your blue or exemption card.


Board members and directors have obligations under the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening)Act 2000 (the Act).

Child and youth risk management strategy

Board members and directors who operate child-related services must ensure they have a Child and youth risk management strategy (RMS) to help create a safe and supportive environment for children. Where a business operator or board member is running multiple regulated services, they must develop an RMS for each of the organisation’s services based on the environment, risks and policies in each individual service.

Change in police information

As an applicant or card holder you must immediately let us know if your police information changes by completing a change in police information notification.

Read more about a change in police information.

Change in personal information

As a blue card applicant or card holder you must let us know if:

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