Resources and support for the Blue Card Organisation Portal

The Blue Card Services Organisation Portal is an online system to help employers and volunteer organisations keep track of their blue card obligations in one place.

Access to the portal

If your organisation has not been transitioned to our Organisation Portal, it is because we are inviting organisations in a controlled and staged way.

This staged process means that we can:

  • give tailored support to organisations while they transition to the portal
  • ensure that each organisation’s records with us are up to date and ready to move online.

We appreciate your patience as we work our way through this process.

You can still keep up to date about the Organisation Portal by:

Support and resources

If you have already transitioned to the portal, we have developed some support resources to help you navigate it.

To get started, there is a:

We have also created some online training modules to help you:

Additionally, we have developed some quick reference guides to help you:

Contact us

Phone: 1800 113 611 (free call in Queensland) or (07) 3211 6999

8am–5pm, Monday to Friday