Macropods Online

The Department of Environment and Science has a user-friendly digital platform for managing macropod services, allowing macropod licence holders to apply for licences, submit returns and order tags.

The digital return book feature on Macropods Online makes it easier for harvesters and dealers to comply with their record-keeping obligations. Submitting returns is faster and easier than before, allowing users to view and complete their tasks online as simple transactions.

Macropod customers not currently registered with the Department of Environment and Science on Connect will need to register to access Macropods Online. Learn how to register on Connect.

If you have already registered for a harvester or dealer licence in Connect, you will automatically see the new Macropods Online when you login.

For more information on the Macropods Online please contact the Macropod Management Unit team:

Phone: 07 4530 1254


User guides

  1. Macropods Online: Dealer - How to create a return book entry online (PDF, 600 KB)
  2. Macropods Online: Harvester - How to create a return book entry online (PDF, 677 KB)
  3. Macropods Online: How to submit a dealer or harvester return online (PDF, 437 KB)
  4. Macropods Online: How to amend a submitted return (PDF, 1.4 MB)
  5. Macropods Online: How to order macropod items (PDF, 745 KB)
  6. Macropods Online: How to withdraw NIL returns (PDF, 436 KB)
  7. Macropods Online: Dealers - Nominating a NEW person in charge (PDF, 885 KB)
  8. How to navigate Macropods Online (PDF, 698 KB)
  9. Macropods Online FAQ sheet (PDF, 281 KB)