Apply for a macropod harvesting licence

You must have a Macropod Harvesting Licence (PDF, 89KB) to harvest macropods in Queensland.

Prior to submitting a licence application, you must complete an approved training course and pass an approved shooting test.

You cannot harvest macropods in protected areas, such as national parks, state forests or public roads.

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Apply for a commercial macropod licence

You must have a Commercial Macropod Licence (dealer) (PDF, 68KB) if you want to buy and process macropods. There are three types of licences available, depending on the activity to be conducted. These include:


Allows macropod carcasses and skins to be purchased from licensed Queensland harvesters at a licensed premises (it does not allow processing of carcasses, meat or skins).

Meat processing

Allows macropod meat to be processed.


Allows macropod skins to be processed.

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