Information for dealers

Buying and processing

Restrictions apply to storing and moving macropods products.

Read the Information sheet—Storage and Movement of Macropods (PDF, 50KB) and Commercial Macropod Licence (PDF, 42KB) for further information.

A minimum carcass weight and skin size is set each year in the harvest period notice. The minimum sizes are set to ensure that only mature macropods are harvested. The aim of current size limits is that an animal would have a live body weight of approximately 20kg and has, therefore, spent time as a breeding adult in the population.

Trade gradings apply to the size of macropod skins for each species.

For eastern grey kangaroos, red kangaroos and common wallaroos:

  • Large > 0.65 sq m
  • Medium 0.46–0.65 sq m
  • Small 0.41–0.46 sq m


The Australian Government controls the export of wildlife products. To ensure macropods are conserved, and that any commercial harvesting of macropods is ecologically sustainable, each state is required to prepare a Wildlife Trade Management Plan under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 before export is allowed.

The Queensland Wildlife Trade Management Plan for Export—Commercially Harvested Macropods (2018–2022) (PDF, 1.87MB) describes:

  • how macropod harvesting and dealing will be regulated
  • how the macropod populations will be monitored
  • how over-harvesting and illegal harvesting will be prevented
  • other conservation practices.

For further information on exporting kangaroo products visit the Australian Government Department of the Environment website.

Return of operations (transactions with harvesters)

Application—Dealer Return Book(s) and Movement Advice(s) (PDF, 70KB).

Commercial wildlife licence holders, or the relevant person for the licence holder, must accurately record harvest details in the record and return book. It is the licence holder’s responsibility to ensure that the returns are submitted complete and accurately.

  • Commercial wildlife licence holders must submit returns within 14 days after the end of each month, unless otherwise advised by the department. If you are unsure what the return period is for the harvest period, please contact the DES Charleville office.
  • Commercial licence holders now have the option of maintaining their return book entries and submitting their returns online. Dealers must record particulars for every animal they sell within 24 hours of the sale.
  • Return books must not be transferred between licences.
  • Record and return books must be maintained for each licensed site. Once a return book has been issued to a particular site, the book must not be used by any other site or business.

Nominating a Person in Charge

Dealers applying for licences online and nominating a Person in Charge (PIC) will now need additional information in order to nominate that person and complete the process. This will allow the PIC to access, review and submit their return online.

For more information on Macropods Online please contact the Macropod Management Unit:

Phone: 07 4530 1254