Information for harvesters


All harvesters must have a macropod harvesting licence and Queensland macropod tags before they begin harvesting.

Harvesters must:

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Commercial macropod tags.

Harvest tags

If you already have a macropod harvesting licence, you need to apply for Queensland Macropod Tags online or submit an application form (PDF, 228 KB) prior to harvesting.

If you wish to request a tag allowance increase, you need to complete the tag allowance increase application (PDF, 193 KB) .

Find more information on the process for applying for tags (PDF, 140 KB) .

Each macropod that is harvested in Queensland for commercial purposes must be tagged.

Queensland macropod tags must be attached in a way that complies with this notice (PDF, 448 KB) .

Tags are colour specific for each species and show the following information:

  • species (eastern grey kangaroo, red kangaroo or common wallaroo)
  • zone (eastern, central or western)
  • harvest period
  • sequential number and barcode.

A correct tag must be attached to each animal harvested.

Return of operations

Application—Return Books and Movement Advices (PDF, 174 KB)

A return of operations book is used to record the particular details of the macropods harvested during a harvest period.

Harvesters are able to record the particulars of all harvested animals online using the Return Book Entry action. Return book entries must be submitted 14 days following the end of each calendar month.

Harvesters must complete their return of operations on Macropods Online or submit to the Department of Environment and Science within 14 days of the end of the month.

For more information on Macropods Online please contact the Macropod Management Unit:

Phone: 07 4530 1254