Clearing for bushfire management

Clearing during bushfire emergencies

During a bushfire emergency, follow the directions of the authorised fire officers.

You don’t need to get our approval or notify us before you undertake clearing that they have authorised or to help them deal with a dangerous situation.

If you carry out emergency work without a warden’s authorisation and it is outside the scope of the exemptions and clearing code, you will need a development approval, but you can apply after the event.

If the development approval is refused, you may be required to restore the land.

In this guide:

  1. Exempt clearing work for bushfire management
  2. Using a clearing code for fire management
  3. Development approvals for bushfire management clearing
  4. Bushfire management plans and other considerations
  5. Other laws and permits for bushfire management
  6. Clearing during bushfire emergencies
  7. Cleaning-up after a bushfire
  8. Roadside vegetation management

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