Clearing vegetation to build a house

Exemptions may apply if you want to clear land to build a house on:

  • freehold land
  • leasehold land for agriculture or grazing purposes.

These exemptions mean that you don't have to notify us or get our approval before you start to clear vegetation. If you are seeking to build a house on other land tenures, contact us.

Residential clearing

If you have been issued a development permit (e.g. from local government) to build a house, and there is no other dwelling on the lot, you can clear where it is necessary to build the house and associated buildings or structures, for example a garage, garden shed, septic system, driveway or pool.

This exemption applies to category A (check conditions), category B, category C, and category R areas. Note, category A areas may contain restrictions on what activities can occur. You will need to check the conditions that apply to the specific category A area.

Planning your buildings

Plan the layout of buildings and infrastructure on your site so that necessary infrastructure is:

  • sited in existing cleared areas
  • if possible, in a location of reduced fire risk.

Providing for a fire break within the existing cleared area will reduce the need for further clearing for a firebreak once it is constructed. This will reduce the need to clear vegetation that includes habitats for threatened species.

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