Compiling an environmental report for your vegetation management application

You may be required to provide a range of environmental information in support of your vegetation management application.

Depending on requirements, you may be able to gather the information yourself, or you can hire an environmental or planning consultant to do the work for you.

Determining requirements

To determine what information is required, please refer to our guides:

Sources of information

The following sources can provide information and data to support your application. You can also call us on 135VEG (13 58 34) for help finding relevant information.

Property maps and reports

Plant and wildlife information

Finding an environmental consultant

You may decide to hire a consultant to help, especially if the application requires more technical and complex information.

The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand maintains a directory of certified environmental practitioners. The Planning Institute Australia also has directory of planning consultants.

You could also contact your industry association or local natural resources management group (NRM) for recommendations.

Choosing the right consultant

Before engaging a consultant, it’s good practice to get several different quotes.

Ask the potential consultant what information they’ll need from you. Be clear about any fieldwork that is required and the costs associated with travel and time in the field. Make sure they have the necessary indemnity insurance.

Check that the consultant has the relevant qualifications and experience. They should have a good knowledge of Queensland legislation and be experienced working in your local bioregion.

For further guidance on engaging a consultant call us on 135VEG (13 58 34) or visit your local business centre.