Confirm or correct a vegetation map (PMAV)

A property map of assessable vegetation (PMAV) is a property-scale map that shows the boundaries of vegetation categories on the property.

A PMAV is made through agreement between you and the Queensland Government. Once the PMAV is certified, it replaces the regulated vegetation management map for determining the location and extent of the areas of regulated vegetation.

We may also place a PMAV over an area of land for other reasons, for example to allow an area to regenerate when it has been unlawfully cleared or to protect an offset area until it has reached remnant status.

When to apply for a PMAV

After viewing the regulated vegetation management map for your property, you may wish to apply for a PMAV to:

  • confirm the vegetation category areas as currently mapped
  • amend the mapping if you believe there is an error.

How to apply

Your application must include:

Your application must also contain a map showing the proposed vegetation boundaries and categories as well as information to demonstrate that the proposed boundaries are accurate. The application form provides details of requirements.

What happens next?

Confirming the vegetation category areas as currently mapped

We will check that the application form has been completed correctly and the fee has been paid. If there are any issues with your application, we will contact you. Once we have all of the mandatory information we will certify the PMAV and send it to you.

Amending the mapping if you believe there is an error

We will assess your application using the information you supplied, as well as imagery and any other relevant data available to us. If we need extra information, we will contact you and may arrange a site inspection.

The department has prepared the following guide to assist you when preparing a PMAV application to modify category C areas:

After we have considered all available information, we will send you a draft PMAV or certified PMAV, depending on whether all of the changes requested in your application have been made. If proposed changes have not been made, we will provide you with information detailing the reasons behind our decision and offer you the opportunity to supply additional information.

If you are not satisfied with our decision, you can apply for an internal review (PDF, 226KB).