Clearing for bushfire management

Bushfire management plans and other considerations

Consider local conditions when planning your firebreaks and fire management lines to make sure they’ll be effective in reducing the risk or impact of a bushfire.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), or other suitably qualified bushfire professional, can provide advice about the suitable location of firebreaks and fire management lines.

Bushfire management plans

A bushfire management plan is a useful planning tool for all landholders. The plan can:

  • identify the location of any existing or proposed firebreaks and fire management lines
  • describe how they’ll achieve their intended purpose
  • justify any associated vegetation clearing
  • provide alternate methods for reducing property risk (e.g. siting of infrastructure, land management practices).

If you are in a bushfire hazard area, you may be required to prepare a plan as part of a development application for a material change of use or reconfiguration of lot.

You can work with QFES and your local council to prepare a bushfire management plan tailored to the needs of your property.

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