One-month registration

You can now choose to renew your vehicles’ registration for a 1-month period. The new registration renewal period complements the existing 3, 6 and 12-month registration periods, and allows you to choose more manageable registration payment amounts.

You can only access 1 month registration through the direct debit online service, find out how to enrol in direct debit.

More frequent payments

With 1-month registration your payments are more frequent. Make sure you have funds in your account for your automatic payment.

When a 1-month direct debit payment fails

If your 1-month direct debit payment fails, you will be notified by SMS and email. We will let you know how to make a payment. These other ways to pay are also displayed on your registration renewal notice.

If you don't make this payment until after the registration has expired the amount due to renew your registration will vary depending on when you make the payment.

How to make a payment

You will need make this payment online through the registration renewal service. The online services work together to determine if you need to make a late payment or a catch-up payment and the amount to be paid.

  • Late payment: If payment is made soon after expiry you will need to pay the registration renewal amount (1-month period) plus a late payment fee.
  • Catch-up payment: If payment is made too close (or after) your next scheduled direct debit payment, you will need to pay the current expired registration period plus the next registration period (2 x 1-month periods) plus a late payment fee.

Make sure the exact amount of your renewal is paid as this may prevent your payment being processed and your registration expiring. Using the registration renewal service ensures the correct amount is paid and payment is successfully processed. Your vehicle’s registration details will then be updated on our systems and your vehicle can be legally driven on the road.