Change your direct debit online

You can change details through your My Account at any time once you have enrolled in direct debit including:

Update your contact details

If your contact details change such as your postal address, email address, or mobile phone number, you can update your details online through your My Account portal.

By keeping your contact details up-to-date it ensures you can continue to get important information from us about your direct debit registration renewals.

Update your payment details

To update your nominated credit card or bank account details online, including credit card expiry date:

Your details are updated immediately but the changes won't apply to a direct debit payment already in progress.

Change your registration period or CTP insurer

You can choose a 1, 3, 6 and 12-month registration period for direct debit.

To change your registration period or CTP insurer for 1 or more of your registrations:

  • log in to My Account
  • select My Registrations
  • expand the registration you want to change and select Change details.

If you have received your vehicle registration notice and want to change the registration period and/or CTP insurer, you must make this change before your renewal payment is processed.

If your registration renewal payment is already in progress and you make a change to the registration period and/or CTP insurer, this will apply to your next registration renewal notice.

You can get a free quote for renewing a registration by direct debit with your preferred registration period at any time.

Watch a quick video on how to change your registration period.

Duration 00:01:57

*Title slide* How to change your registration term.

0.04.7: From the TMR online services page, select the option ‘My registrations’.

0.10.7: Login using your TMR or QGov login details.

0.15.6: Accept the terms of use for TMR’s online services.

0.21.9: Enter your customer details.

0.29.8: Verify your details. You can request an online access code, this will be emailed to you.

0.38.6: Enter your online access code.

0.44.3: Select the registration you are changing and choose 'Change details'.

01:00.2:  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select your preferred registration period from the dropdown menu under ‘New details’

1:18.8: Confirm email and agree to receive electronic communications.

1.34.6: Confirm your notification details.

1.45.0: Review your updated registration details. Choose to update another registration if you wish.

*End slide* Direct Debit Rego

Add a registration to direct debit

You can add an eligible registration to be renewed by direct debit at any time leading up to the expiry of the current registration.

Transferring a registration which is in direct debit

If you are transferring a registration paid by direct debit, you should remove the registration from your direct debit account before initiating the transfer.

Removing a registration is immediate but this will not cancel any registration renewal payment already in progress.

Remove a registration from direct debit

You can remove an individual registration from direct debit at any time.

Removing a registration is immediate, this will not cancel any registration renewal payment already in progress. If you sell your vehicle, motorcycle, caravan, trailer or boat, remember to remove the registration from your direct debit account.

Cancel direct debit

You can cancel your entire direct debit agreement at any time.

This will immediately remove all registrations from direct debit and will cancel the authority for the Department of Transport and Main Roads to deduct registration renewal payments from your nominated account for any registrations.

Cancelling your direct debit request will not cancel any payment already in progress.

Direct debit request service agreement

You can view your direct debit request service agreement at any time.