Paying by direct debit

How do I pay

You can use any accepted card, savings or cheque account to make your direct debit payments. Gift cards cannot be used for ongoing direct debit payments (only an immediate payment). You will need to use the same account/card for all vehicles that you have enrolled in direct debit.

You can set up your payment method when you enrol or when you change your details. Your payment date can't be selected as it depends on when your registration is due for renewal.

Payment reminder

We will send an email to remind you of the upcoming payment from your account approximately 3 days before your payment is taken. The email will let you know the payment date, amount and registration number.

When a payment is made

Your direct debit payments will occur approximately 14 days prior to the expiry of your registration (this could change due to weekends, public holidays and the processing time of your financial institution).

It can take several business days for banks to process direct debit payments and advise of unsuccessful payments.

Your payment date allows time to avoid the risk of you becoming unregistered and gives you enough time to pay your registration renewal using another payment method if your direct debit is unsuccessful for any reason.

Immediate payments

If you enrol in direct debit and add a vehicle that has a registration due to expire in the next 18 days, it is too late for a direct debit payment to be arranged but you can make an immediate payment online to renew your registration.

Please note, an immediate payment is a one-off online payment, once this payment has been made, your future registration renewals will be made by direct debit.

How to make an immediate payment

If you need to make an immediate payment you will need to:

  1. Use the renew registration online service
  2. Select the option: Pay using your registration number
  3. Pay with your credit/debit card.

We will receive your payment immediately and your registration will remain covered by CTP insurance.

When a payment is unsuccessful

A payment will be declined if:

  • there was not enough funds in your account when needed
  • the nominated account is no longer valid
  • a certificate of inspection is due
  • the registration renewal payment has already been paid.

We will let you know a payment has been unsuccessful and why by email and SMS. In the email and SMS we will let you know other ways to pay your registration.

If you receive reminders by email, we will send you an email:

  • 3 days prior to your registration expiry
  • on the final day of your registration
  • and 7 days after the expiry date if your payment fails.

If you don't make a payment 25 days after your registration expires, you will be emailed that this registration has been removed from direct debit.

Cost of direct debit

The Department of Transport and Main Roads does not charge a fee to use this service.

You will need to check with your financial institution about any fees your financial institution may charge for direct debit.

A surcharge applies if you use a card to pay your registration renewal by direct debit.

Surcharge for shorter registration periods

Registrations renewed for periods less than 12 months are subject to a surcharge to cover the additional cost of administering multiple renewals each year. This surcharge applies regardless of payment method.

You can get a free quote for your registration costs for either a 3, 6 or 12 month period.