About direct debit for registration renewals

Direct debit is an online only service offered by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to enable you to set up scheduled and recurring registration renewal payments. You will need to nominate an account or acceptable card for your registration renewal payment. Once scheduled, these payments occur automatically.

You can use direct debit to pay your registration renewal and choose either 3, 6 or 12 month registration period allowing for more manageable payments.

Most registrations are eligible and you can enrol in direct debit at any time before your registration expires.

Benefits of direct debit

  • Easier for you: Registration renewal payments are automatically deducted from your nominated account or acceptable card helping you to ensure your vehicle is always registered and insured.
  • Suits you: Direct debit is an online service so it can be accessed at a time and place that is convenient for you. You can enrol in the service and add registrations as long as they are current.
  • More choice for you: Access to 3-month registration period, in addition to 6 or 12-month period.

How to begin using direct debit

Once you enrol in direct debit and your details are confirmed, you can add your registrations and then start using direct debit to pay your registration renewal.

You can also cancel your direct debit agreement at any time. Find out other ways to pay your registration.