How we will communicate with you

You must provide an email address and mobile phone number when you enrol in the direct debit service. This helps us contact you immediately if there are any issues with your direct debit payments.

Please note: it may take several business days from the payment date for us to be notified by your financial institution of a failed direct debit payment.

By email

We will send you an email:

  • once you have successfully enrolled in the direct debit service
  • when a registration has been added or removed
  • with your registration renewal notice
  • approximately 3 days before your payment date to remind you we are about to take a direct debit payment—this reminder will include the:
    • payment amount
    • payment date (approximately 14 days before your registration expires)
    • registration number being renewed.
  • if a direct debit payment has failed for any reason, for example insufficient funds in your account, we will let you know your registration was unable to be renewed and you must pay using another payment method
  • to remind you of your registration expiry
  • if your direct debit agreement has been cancelled
  • if  the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement has been updated.


If you provided us with a valid mobile phone number we will send you an SMS if:

  • a direct debit payment has failed
  • your certificate of inspection was not provided when your vehicle was inspected.

Through your My Account portal

You can login to your My Account portal at any time to:

  • update your email, address and phone number
  • view your direct debit history
  • check your notifications
  • manage your registrations
  • manage your direct debit details, for example changing your bank or credit card details.