Enrol in direct debit

How to enrol in direct debit

You can only enrol in direct debit online. The enrolment process can't be done over the phone or in person at a transport and motoring customer service centre.

Watch a step-by-step video on how to enrol in direct debit, add registrations and make an immediate payment (if required)

Enrol in direct debit

Enrol in direct debit to pay your registration

To enrol you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be a registered operator of at least 1 eligible registration (your name must be on the registration notice). If your vehicle has 2 individual registered operators, either person can pay by direct debit
  • provide a valid email address and current mobile phone number (so we can contact you if a payment fails and send your renewal notice to you)
  • agree to receive your notices and reminders by email
  • nominate a bank account or accepted credit card for your registration renewal payments to be deducted from. Gift cards can’t be used for ongoing direct debit payments
  • accept the direct debit terms and conditions
  • select which registrations you want to add.

Registrations you can renew by direct debit

Eligible registrations

Current registrations for most vehicles, boats, caravans, motorcycles, and trailers are eligible for direct debit.

  • Boats can only select a 12-month registration period.
  • Ambulances can select 6-month and 12-month registration period.

Fire and Rescue Vehicles can enrol in direct debit but may not be able to select the full range of registration periods.

Registrations you can't renew by direct debit

Registration must not:

  • have a common due date
  • are registered to an organisation only (no individual listed as a registered operator)
  • be recorded as wrecked or written off (statutory)
  • be reported as stolen—you can check this on the Personal Property Securities Register
  • be subject to a defect notice
  • be expired or cancelled
  • be a new registration
  • have a charitable concession on a heavy trailer or caravan
  • have seasonal registration
  • have a registration category recorded as:
    • special purpose
    • dealer or trade plate
    • wheelchair.

Watch a step-by-step video on how to enrol in direct debit, add registrations and make an immediate payment (if required)

Duration 00:02:45

*Title slide* How to enrol in direct debit and make an immediate payment

0.00.5: Review the information page before enrolling in direct debit

0.10.1: Login using your TMR or QGov login details

0.18.1: Accept the terms of use for TMR’s online services

0.25.4: Enter your customer details

0.33.1: Verify your details. You can request an online access code, this will be emailed to you

0.41.1: Enter your online access code

0:47.8: Review eligible registrations

0.55.6: Confirm email and agree to receive electronic communications

1.10.2: Confirm your notification details

1.16.1: Review and accept the Direct Debit Terms of Use

1.25.3: Enter your credit card or bank account details for your regular direct debit payments

1.31.9: Accept the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

1.41.3: Select which registrations you wish to add, then select the registration period(s)

1.56.9: Confirm the list of registrations being renewed by direct debit

2.03.5: Review the list of registrations added to direct debit and if an immediate payment is required proceed to the payment page

2.12.4: Confirm payment for all registrations which require an immediate payment

2.21.6: Enter credit card details for registrations requiring an immediate payment. Please note you are not able to pay from a bank account

2.32.9: Review the receipt for your immediate registration payment

*End slide* Direct Debit Rego