Permits for parks and forests

You may need a permit for the following activities in Queensland's national parks, forests and other protected areas:

Camping in a park

Before camping in a national park or other protected area you will need to make a booking and pay for a camping permit.

Use of an area for an organised event

To have exclusive use of an area for an organised event—such as events, excursions, a competitive event, rally, or a training exercise, you may need a permit.

Special activities

A permit can be issued for up to one year; no fees apply. Special activities include:

  • activities such as cave tours, orienteering, rock climbing, traversing or white water rafting
  • an activity that may affect natural resources and the environment, require special training or supervision or involve risk to the public.

Driving a vehicle

You will need a vehicle access permit to drive a vehicle in a Recreation Area Management park— there are exemptions from paying a vehicle access fee if you live on or own land, are a close relative of a resident, or are taking a special education or work group into a park.

Driving a non-standard vehicle

You will need conditional registration and written approval to drive a non-standard vehicle in a park—including registered vehicles such as a quad bike for mobility impairment, agricultural machinery, or where the vehicle is important to or improves the overall safety of a commercial group activity.

Landing aircraft

You need a permit to land aircraft on a national park airstrip for reasons not related to park management such as access and scenic and recreational flights, except in an emergency. Aircraft includes recreational craft, remotely piloted aircraft and drones. Commercial operators should apply for a Commercial Activity Permit.

Operating recreational aircraft

You need a permit to operate recreational air craft in a park—including a hot air balloon, hang glider, para glider, or ultra-light aircraft. All hang-gliding and paragliding pilots must be members of, and certified by, the Hang-gliding Federation of Australia and abide by its rules and regulations. Commercial operators should apply for a Commercial Activity Permit.

Using a generator

In parks where a generator can be used restrictions on noise level output and hours of use may apply. If you need a generator for a medical reason, you will only need a current medical certificate stating your medical condition and the necessity of the medical appliance (a permit is not required).

Taking an animal

You will need a permit to take a live animal into a national park or forest with the exception of:

  • guide dogs (dogs in training to become guide dogs do require approval)
  • animals brought in under a stock grazing, mustering or travelling permit
  • horses authorised under regulatory notice on regional parks
  • bees kept under permit in regional parks
  • fish, mud crabs and invertebrates taken in or adjacent to a park listed in Schedule 2 of the Nature Conservation Regulation
  • other animals as specifically approved in writing by QPWS.

Taking flowers

You may need written approval to take flowers into a national park or forest—a list of the species of plant and flowers is required, and they must be non-seeding and treated with insecticide before taking into the park. To prevent the introduction or spread of pest plants, insects, invertebrates and disease, you must take all flowers and plant material out of the park after your event.

Commercial activities

Find out about permits and fees for conducting business activities such as guided tours, group events, fundraising, filming and photography, and food vending.

Scientific or educational research

Find out about permits for:

How to apply for a permit

If you think you may need a permit, please call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or contact your local Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) office to discuss your proposed activity.