Outdoor adventures and activities

There are many ways you can enjoy and experience Queensland’s great parks and forests.

Activities and facilities vary from park to park— you can find a park or forest that’s right for you.

Surfers with surfboards walking along a track.
Create your own adventure in our national parks and forests.

Things to see and do

You can find more outdoor activities through Outdoor Queensland.

Stay overnight

Tourist accommodation in Queensland such as hotels, motels, guesthouses and resorts are not provided in Queensland’s national parks, but some parks are close to commercial tourist resorts.


Formal camping areas are provided in most parks and forests where camping is allowed. Bush camping is allowed in some parks where there are a few or no facilities.

  • Read more about camping in parks and forests - facilities are different at each camping area, so make sure you read the camping information provided at each park or forest.
  • Check park safety alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Opening times

Most of Queensland’s parks and forests do not have specific opening times. However, walking through parks and forests after dark is not recommended because of the increased chance that you may trip, fall or get lost.

If you are planning on camping, you should aim to arrive at the park with enough time to find your site and get set up before dark.

Planning an organised event in a park?

If you are planning an organised event in a park or forest you should check with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to see if you need a permit.

You may need an organised event permit if:

  • your group is larger than 40 people and activities are to be conducted in established day use areas or walking tracks
  • your group is larger than 15 people and activities are to be conducted in remote off-track areas
  • you would like 'exclusive use' of park areas or facilities
  • your activity may impact on the enjoyment of the place by the general public
  • there may be safety issues for other park visitors
  • the activity involves the use of motorised vehicles, vessels or the installation of temporary infrastructure
  • the activity may impact on the cultural heritage or natural values of the area.

Please fill in the organised event notification form to register your activity and we will send you a permit application if you need a permit.

Please note that organised events only relate to activities that are not commercial activities. If you are a commercial entity, or a ‘not for profit’ group organising a fundraising or charitable event, you may need a commercial authority, please visit the Business and Industry Portal.