Entering a national park (scientific)

You need a permit to enter a national park (scientific).

These areas are given the highest level of protection and are set aside for the protection of species or habitats that have exceptional scientific value.

Your application will be assessed on the impact of your proposed activities on:

  • the natural and cultural values of a national park and
  • on existing or planned QPWS management programs.

How to apply

Before applying

Before applying, please contact your local QPWS office to discuss your request.

To apply for this type of permit, please send us a completed permit to enter national park (scientific) application form (DOCX, 274KB).

Application processing time

You must be issued with a permit before you can enter the protected area.

  • Assessment of your permit application can take up to 40 business days.
  • If we need to ask you for more information, it may take an additional 20 business days to process your application.

Permit duration and fees

Permits may be granted for a period of up to three years. No fees apply.