Restricted access area permits

You will need a permit to enter a restricted access area in our national parks or recreation areas.

A restricted access area is:

  • declared over a park or recreation area, or part of a park or recreation area, by regulation or by a special sign known as a regulatory notice at or near the entrance to that area
  • permanent, temporary or seasonal
  • usually for environmental reasons (e.g. to protect wildlife or resources) or for safety reasons.

How to apply

Before applying, please contact us to discuss your proposed activity or email

To apply for this type of permit, please send us a completed permit to enter a restricted access area application form (DOCX, 171KB) with attachments.

Attachments required include:

  • the names of all restricted access areas and the sites within each of those areas where you would like to conduct activities;
  • a detailed outline of all your intended activities within each area and site—additional pages may need to be attached to the application to provide this information.

A permit may be issued if your proposed use does not compromise our activities and plans to manage the protected area.

Permit duration and fees

Permits may be granted for a period of up to one year. No fees apply.

You must have adequate insurance cover for your activities conducted under the permit—the requirement of insurance cover is determined by the chief executive.