Memorial ceremonies

Burial of a deceased person on a QPWS-managed area is only allowed in special circumstances.

You may be given permission to bury a person if the:

  • burial can take place with minimal disturbance to the area
  • deceased had a strong, long-standing involvement with conserving the area or its wildlife
  • deceased was an Aboriginal person or a Torres Strait Islander with a traditional or long-standing affiliation with the area
  • burial is in accord with Commonwealth, Queensland and local government laws
  • consent of all parties to the burial and to QPWS policies and conditions for its permission are received.

You are not permitted to bury a person at sea in Queensland marine parks because most areas are inshore, waters are generally shallow, and many are trawled regularly.

You may scatter ashes on land or water and hold a small, private ceremony—no permit is required.

How to apply

To apply, please contact your local QPWS office to discuss your request.

You will also need to seek permission from your local government