Commercial, business and infrastructure permits

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Conducting a business or fundraising activities

You need to apply for a Commercial Activity Permit (CAP) to conduct activities for commercial gain in a national park or other protected area in Queensland. Examples of activities requiring a CAP include guided tours, events, filming and photography, canoeing, rafting or kayaking, fundraising and charitable events, hang-gliding or paragliding, scenic flights, vending (e.g. mobile food vending), scuba diving and motorised activities.

Beekeeping (apiary) permits for national parks

You must apply for an apiary permit on an available site to conduct an apiary business in a national park or other protected area in Queensland. Check the apiary maps for current distribution and the availability status of each site.

Occupation permits for state forests

You can apply for an occupation permit to occupy land in any state forest in Queensland for a fixed term. Occupation permits for state forests may be granted for a variety of purposes including dams, pipelines, water storage areas, pump sites, communications facilities and other purposes (such as coal seam gas activities).

Infrastructure and structures on protected areas

You can apply for an authority to build infrastructure and structures (including service and eco-tourism facilities) in protected areas in Queensland for a fixed term. Authorisations for infrastructure may include electricity transmission lines, communication towers, pipelines and eco-tourism facilities.

Mustering or travelling stock permits

You must apply for a permit to muster or travel stock in national parks, state forest or other protected areas in Queensland. Examples of when you'll need a permit include mustering your own cattle from a protected area, or travelling stock from one place to another through a protected area.