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Protected animal scientific or educational purposes permits—non-protected areas

You will need to obtain a Scientific Purposes Permit or an Educational Purposes Permit from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection for research/educational activities involving the taking/use/keeping of protected animals:

  • on private land, public purposes reserves, and other estate that operates outside of protected areas (except nature refuges)
  • outside of marine parks
  • outside of State forest estate, and
  • outside of recreation areas management estate

Protected plants in non-protected areas are not subject to scientific or educational purposes permits, but you may need a permit to clear, harvest or grow protected plants.

A Scientific Purposes Permit or an Educational Purposes Permit can be issued under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

Examples of scientific activities

  • A government department conducting research including fauna surveys, for example pre-development, or to research how effective a wildlife crossing is.
  • A consultant conducting fauna surveys for an Environmental Impact Study.
  • The collection of protected animal parts or products such as scats, feathers, hair, biopsies, blood, and tissue for research purposes.
  • Research on a particular protected animal or its habitat.

Examples of educational activities

  • The collection of road kill (protected animals) for educational purposes (for example Zoology or Veterinary Science students).
  • School field trip – spotlighting animals in a council reserve.
  • University field trip where animals are captured and released.
  • Keeping native wildlife in a classroom for educational purposes. A written statement is required detailing the educational and environmental messages that will be delivered to students.

How to apply

Before applying

For non-protected areas such as state forests, recreation areas and marine parks please submit a completed NPSR permit application form (DOC, 312KB) to

You may need more than one permit to conduct activities on these locations. If you wish to discuss your project, please:

For all other non-protected areas such as freehold land and nature refuges please complete the EHP permit application form (DOC, 304KB) and email to

Please note, this permit application will soon be available online. You can register to transact via EHP’s digital platform for online services and transactions, Connect, by visiting the EHP website or the Connect registration page.

To apply for a permit to keep native animals in a classroom, please complete the Educational purposes permit for keeping native wildlife in a classroom (DOC, 195KB) form.

Reporting on your activity

Scientific research or educational purposes reports:

You will also be required to complete the following to report on your permit activity.

For non-protected areas such as state forests, recreation areas and marine parks:

For all other non-protected areas such as freehold land and, nature refuges:

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