Security industry forms

Licence applications

Other licence form


  • Application for renewal of a licence

    Form 5

    Fill out this form to renew your security provider licence.

    Please note: You cannot download this form.

    You can apply online with the Fair Trading – Renewal Application form or use the paper renewal form we will mail to you 4–6 weeks before your expiry date. Please contact us if you need a new copy.

    Note that firm licences are currently not able to be renewed online for any industry.

    Fees apply

Replacing a licence document

  • Applying to replace a licence or registration certificate

    You can apply online with the Fair Trading – Request form or contact us by writing a letter or email as soon as you notice that your licence is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

    Please note that security officer is one class of licence (e.g. If you hold an unarmed security officer licence and monitoring security officer licence, this is only one class of licence).

    Fees apply

    If you are unsure what fee you should be paying for a replacement licence, please contact the Industry Licensing Unit on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Changing your licence conditions

  • Request that we change or remove licence or registration certificate conditions

    If you have a conditioned security licence, you may request that we change or remove conditions. You need to put this request in writing and include all relevant documentation.

    There is no form to fill out. Please write a letter or email.

    Fees apply

Applying for mutual recognition

Use these forms to transfer to a Queensland licence.


  • In certain circumstances individuals or security firms may be able to apply for a temporary permit to work in Queensland. If you believe that you may be eligible to hold a temporary permit, please contact the Office of Fair Trading for information, forms and fees.

Requesting a licence extract

  • Request a licence extract

    We keep a public register of all licensed security industry employees and firms. The free online register is for your information only and cannot be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

    You can search this register online for free. If you need a record of your search, you can request an extract online with the Fair Trading – Request form or by contacting us.

    Fees apply