Transfer to a Queensland security licence

If you intend to work as a security provider in the state of Queensland, you must hold a Queensland licence. However, you can apply to transfer a licence from:

  • another Australian state or territory
  • New Zealand.

This is known as mutual recognition.

You may continue to work while we process your application. However, you must:

  • follow any restrictions set out on your non-Queensland licence
  • stop working if the licence expires
  • show it to an inspector if they ask to see it (along with the receipt of lodgement for your Queensland Mutual Recognition application).

Security firms are not eligible to apply.

Applying for mutual recognition

To apply, you will need to submit a mutual recognition form. We have separate forms for class 1 and class 2 licences.

Class 1

Apply for a class 1 licence to work as a:

  • bodyguard
  • private investigator
  • crowd controller
  • cash transit security officer
  • unarmed security officer
  • monitoring security officer
  • dog patrol security officer.

Application for mutual recognition for a security provider licence: Individual - Class 1 (PDF, 537KB)

Class 2

Apply for a class 2 licence to work as a:

  • security adviser
  • security equipment installer.

Application for mutual recognition for a security provider licence: Individual - Class 2 (PDF, 524KB)

Applying for a temporary interstate visitor permit

In certain circumstances individuals or security firms may be able to apply for a temporary permit to work in Queensland. If you believe that you may be eligible to hold a temporary permit, please contact the Office of Fair Trading on 3008 5802 for information, forms and fees.


If you have never given fingerprints, you must give them when you apply for a Queensland licence. You must still have your fingerprints taken if you have already given them in another state or territory.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to tell you how.

Get more details about fingerprinting