Providing fingerprints for security licences

You will need to give your fingerprints in order to get any type of security licence. This is to confirm your identity. We will match your fingerprints with the 100 points of identity from your application.

You will need to:

  • apply for the relevant licence and pay your fee
  • receive a confirmation letter from us that explains the fingerprinting process
  • book an appointment at one of the Queensland police stations listed at the bottom of this page.


New applicants

We will need to fingerprint anyone applying for a new licence. This means that you will need to give your fingerprints if you have:

  • never held a security licence
  • held a licence before, but it has expired
  • given fingerprints for another purpose.

Renewing applicants

We only need to take your fingerprints once. If you have renewed your licence since 3 October 2011, you will have already done this. If you haven’t, you must give us your fingerprints when you renew your licence.

We will not renew your licence unless you do this.

Security firm officers

You must give your fingerprints if you are a named officer on a firm’s application form. This includes if you:

  • are an executive officer (such as a director or secretary)
  • can influence how the firm carries out its business (such as if you direct or instruct the directors on how to act)
  • are a partner in the firm.

Already fingerprinted

While you have a current licence, you only need to give your fingerprints once. This counts even if you apply for any additional security licences.

However, you do need to give your fingerprints again if you gave them for another reason. For instance, you may have been fingerprinted if you hold a gaming or weapons licence.

Getting it done


You must pay a fee for fingerprinting when you lodge your application.


Once you receive the confirmation letter from us, you will need to:

  • contact your nearest police station from those listed on this page
  • find a suitable time for an appointment with them
  • turn up on time for your appointment.

If you can’t make it to a police station, the letter will set out your alternative options. These only apply if you are legitimately unable to visit a police station.

When you arrive, you will need to present:

  • your confirmation letter
  • the same 100 points of identification that you used for your application form.

The police station will contact us when they have your fingerprints, and your application will proceed.


We will not issue you a licence if you refuse to give your fingerprints. You will be unable to work in the security industry.


The police will keep your fingerprints on a nation-wide archive.

Every Australian police service:

  • has access to this archive
  • can use it to solve crimes.

The fingerprints will stay on this archive for as long as your licence is current. Once your licence stops being current, we must destroy your fingerprints in the presence of a Justice of the Peace.

This might be because your licence:

  • expired
  • was cancelled
  • was refused
  • was surrendered
  • was withdrawn.

If you re-apply for a licence after this, you will need to:

  • give a new set of fingerprints
  • pay the fee again.


These 15 police stations from around Queensland have the equipment to fingerprint you. Find your closest station from the list below.

Beenleigh 3 Kent Street
(07) 3801 0777
Broadbeach Corner Philip Avenue and Surf Parade
(07) 5581 2800
Cairns  5 Sheridan Street
(07) 4030 7000
Dutton Park Annerley Road
(07) 3020 8111
Gladstone 10-12 Yarroon Street
(07) 4971 3222
Goodna 12 Church Street
(07) 3436 2999
Ingham 37 Palm Street
(07) 4776 9777
Mackay  57 Sydney Street
(07) 4968 3460
Maroochydore 13 Cornmeal Parade
(07) 5475 2444
Maryborough  176 Lennox Street
(07) 4123 8111
Mt Isa 7 Isa Street
(07) 4744 1140
Rockhampton  Corner Bolsover Street and Denham Street
(07) 4932 3500
Stafford  88 Webster Road
(07) 3364 1805
Toowoomba  161 Hume Street
(07) 4631 6305 or
(07) 4631 6306
Townsville 30 Stanley Street
(07) 4759 9777