Maintenance debts

What is a maintenance debt?

  • A maintenance debt occurs when the department repairs your home during your tenancy for damage that is not from fair wear and tear, and charges you for the repair costs, and/or
  • when you move out of your home, repairs not caused by normal wear and tear, rubbish removal or cleaning are needed.

Maintenance debts are added to your rental account if you, anyone in your household or your visitors damage the home in any way.

What happens if I owe money for repairs, cleaning or maintenance?

We will charge the cost to your account and tell you about the debt. You can repay the debt within 4 weeks or ask to repay the debt by instalments. 

What if I don't agree with these costs?

If you don't agree with the charges, contact your nearest Housing Service Centre to discuss the matter and ask for a review of the debt.

What if I don't pay these costs?

If you owe money to us for rent or maintenance costs, you must repay it.

You can repay your debt in instalments.

If you need housing assistance in the future, and you have a maintenance or rent debt, we will not offer you assistance until you have repaid your debt or made arrangements to repay the debt, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

How do I repay my maintenance debt?

  • EasyPay - (our electronic payment facility)
  • a Payment Card for making repayments at any Australia Post office or agency (for example a newsagent)
  • BPay – use phone or internet banking by inputting the BPay Biller Code (747337) and rental agreement number (15 digit customer reference number). You can obtain the reference number from your Payment Card
  • Automatic payments – your bank can set up a transfer directly from your bank account
  • Direct payment at bank – (Note: the bank may charge a fee).

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