Car parking in multi-unit complexes

Information for public housing tenants

Many public housing multi-unit complexes don’t provide a parking space for each unit.

General parking allocation

Generally, parking in multi-unit complexes is not allocated, which means spaces are available to tenants who park first.

Special needs parking allocation

You may request exclusive allocation of a car parking space due to special needs. Contact your Housing Service Centre for advice on how to apply. We will consider your request.

We review allocated spaces regularly to consider the needs of all tenants. Your and other tenants’ needs may change over time.

Disputes about car parking

If there are more residents with cars than available spaces, we encourage tenants to arrange to share the spaces reasonably and fairly.

We don’t usually mediate in disputes about car parking arrangements.

We don’t tolerate behaviours that breach the tenancy agreement, such as verbal abuse or damage to property.

To report such behaviour, please contact your Housing Service Centre.

Visitor parking

Any visitor parking provided will be marked clearly. Tenants and their household members shouldn’t use the visitor parking.

If there’s no visitor parking, visitors need to park outside the property boundary (i.e. on the street).

Unauthorised use of car park

If you believe that someone who is not a resident or visitor is using a car parking space, please contact your Housing Service Centre.