Information for Queensland public housing tenants

Having visitors stay in your property

Visitors can stay in your public housing property, but you need to tell us:

  • their names
  • the date they arrived
  • how long they’re going to visit.

Your rent doesn’t change if your visitors stay less than 4 weeks.

It is a breach of your tenancy to sublet your property to people, including visitors using shared economy services such as Airbnb and Stayz.

Visitors staying more than 4 weeks

Visitors who stay longer than 4 weeks are usually considered to have joined your household and their income is included in working out your rent..

Behaviour of your visitors

As the tenant, you’re responsible for the behaviour of your household members and visitors.

Please ensure that your household members and visitors don’t disturb the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of your neighbours.

We may issue you a warning and ‘Notice to remedy breach’ if your household members or visitors breach any of your tenancy agreement terms.

Visitors must not park in the car spaces provided for tenants in unit complexes. They must park on the street or in car parks allocated for visitors.

Regular visitors

If you have a visitor who regularly stays at the house for periods of less than 4 weeks, they may be considered a permanent member of your household and their income will be included in working out your rent.

Notifying us of changes

Under the Housing Act 2003, you need to tell us about any changes to your household within 28 days of the change occurring.

If you don’t tell us about your visitors, you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement. More information

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