Smoke alarms save lives

Smoke alarms have been installed in your home for your safety. It is important to look after your smoke alarms and test them regularly.

Update your contact details

It’s important that we can contact you if there is an emergency, you can update your contact details using the Tenant self-service or the Tenant Assist QLD app.

A burning house

Fire safety in your home

Each year people die as a result of fires in the home. Being aware of fire risks and taking simple precautions, can help to protect yourself, your family and your home.

Are you ready for a natural disaster?

Are you ready if a natural disaster strikes?

It's important to be prepared to keep you, your family and pets safe in an emergency or natural disaster.

A gathering of 10 people in front of a brick and latticed wall at a housing property

About TenantConnect

TenantConnect provides opportunities for you to get involved in local community activities and have your say.

Person holding mobile phone

Direct debit your vehicle registration

Did you know you can pay your vehicle registration monthly, every 3 or 6 months, or the full 12-month registration period?

Using this option can help you plan and manage your registration payments.