How to lodge a valuation objection

Any landowner in Queensland who does not agree with their statutory land valuation (annual or maintenance valuation) may lodge an objection. For your objection to be considered, you must:

  • provide sufficient information to demonstrate that the valuation is incorrect
  • include all required information in accordance with the Land Valuation Act 2010
  • lodge your objection within 60 days of the date of issue of your valuation notice.

The 60 day objection period for the 2021 land valuations closed on 31 May 2021.

Before objecting

Understand your valuation and local property market

To help you better understand your land valuation and local property market, we provide data and information relevant to your area.

You may purchase valuation and sales data from our business centres.

Your property or street

View and compare the land valuation for your property and those around it by using our online search or the Queensland Globe.

Your suburb, city and state

Understand the objection process

Ensure you have acceptable grounds for objecting to your valuation. Then check your notice to see which valuation methodology (either site value or unimproved value) was used to value your land, and read the relevant guide:

Lodging your objection

The online system allows you to complete your objection, attach relevant documents, save a draft and receive instant confirmation when your objection is lodged. If you have multiple properties and are lodging more than 1 objection, you can track and manage these from a single point.

You can also lodge your objection using the approved hard-copy form:

Late lodgement

An objection lodged after the close of the usual objection period (60 days) may be accepted. A late objection will be considered only if it is lodged within 1 year of the date of issue of the valuation and only if it was a result of:

  • the landowner’s mental or physical incapacity
  • an extreme circumstance
  • an extraordinary emergency
  • another reason the Valuer-General considers satisfactory in the circumstances.

You must include the reason for the late lodgement as well as supporting information. You may be asked to provide a statutory declaration (PDF, 235KB) to support your application.

What happens next?

When we receive your objection, we will determine whether or not it meets the requirements of the Land Valuation Act 2010 and is 'properly made'. If it doesn’t meet the requirements, we will send you a correction notice with details of the outstanding issues and ask you to amend and return your objection within 28 days.

We will reassess your objection (if it is returned within the 28-day time period).

The assessment process is described in greater detail in the landowner guides to objections (see above).

If you do not agree with the assessment of your objection, you may apply for an internal review of the decision.

Objection conferences

If your objection relates to a valuation of $5 million or less, you may be invited to participate in a conference to clarify and settle any issues. One of our experienced valuers, not responsible for the original valuation, will chair the conference. You will be given the opportunity to present information in support of your objection.

Our statement of conduct (PDF, 91KB) lays out the framework for the conduct expected of parties attending the conference.

If your objection relates to a valuation greater than $5 million, the Valuer-General must extend an invitation to attend an objection conference. An independent (non-government) chairperson will be appointed for such a conference.

You are not obliged to accept an invitation to attend an objection conference.

Objection decision process

Your properly made objection will be decided based on the grounds you provide. We may ask you to provide more information to clarify any issues. When we have made a decision on your objection, we will notify you in writing at the address you provided in the objection.

The objection decision-making process is described in greater detail in the landowner guides to objections (see above).

Landowners who do not agree with the objection decision may appeal to the Land Court.

Withdrawing an objection

You can withdraw an objection at any time before a decision is made.

If you lodged your objection online, you may withdraw it from the dashboard screen.

If you lodged your objection in hard copy, you can email or write to the address at the top of your valuation notice.

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