Historical trends in land valuations

The following table shows the overall percentage changes in statutory land values for each local government areas (since the previous annual valuation) for the past 5 years. ‘NV’ indicates that the local government area was not valued in that year.

Historical valuation trends from 2002 are available on the Open Data Portal.

The Valuer-General's property market movement reports from 2010 to 2020 are available from the department’s library. The reports provide a snapshot of the Queensland property market in the local government areas valued in each year.

The Queensland Government Statistician’s Office has developed a range of urban development spatial systems, methodologies and data sets to monitor the supply of residential land and development activity indicators. Find out more.

Local government areas valued since 2018

Percentages rounded to one decimal place.

(C) – City

(R) – Regional

(S) – Shire

(TA) – Town authority

Local government area (LGA)20222021202020192018 2017
Total number of LGAs valued in year30/6225/6221/6218/6222/6228/62
Balonne (S)NV80.1NVNVNV17
Banana (S)NV1417.7NV15.2NV
Barcaldine (R) NV28.1NVNVNV13.6
Barcoo (S) NV80.4NVNV19.7NV
Blackall-Tambo (R)NV52.9NVNVNV12.4
Boulia (S) (PDF, 149KB)342.6NVNVNV18.5NV
Brisbane (C) (PDF, 215KB)17.5NV1.16.8NV6
Bulloo (S) NV113.1NVNV3.8NV
Bundaberg (R) (PDF, 140KB)12.5NV5.4NVNV1
Burdekin (S) NV-2.9NV-2.9NVNV
Burke (S) (PDF, 96KB)305.6NV23.2NVNVNV
Cairns (R) (PDF, 129KB)14.9NVNV7.3NVNV
Carpentaria (S) (99KB)254.4NVNVNVNV25.5
Cassowary Coast (R) (149KB)17.7NV-2.3NVNV-0.3
Central Highlands (R) NV70.9NVNV6.4-4.1
Charters Towers (R)NV51.3NVNV1.6NV
Cloncurry (S) NVNV-10.6NVNVNV
Croydon (S) (PDF, 95KB)209.3NVNVNVNV72.3
Diamantina (S) NV145.6NVNV17.9NV
Douglas (S) (PDF, 119KB)19.5NVNVNV10.8NV
Etheridge (S) (PDF, 101KB)180.6NVNV42.5NVNV
Flinders (S)NVNV33.1NVNVNV
Fraser Coast (R) (PDF, 131KB)20NV6.9NV5.5NV
Gladstone (R) NV-7.8NVNV-9-20.6
Gold Coast (C) (PDF, 165KB)36.8NV4.8NV8.310.3
Goondiwindi (R) (PDF, 107KB)35.8NV25NV25.914.5
Gympie (R) (PDF, 116KB)2212.4NV9.9NV3.8
Hinchinbrook (S)NVNV-7.2NV-9.2NV
Ipswich (C) (PDF, 143KB)23.1NVNV8.8NV12.6
Isaac (R)NV81.7NVNV2.8 NV
Livingstone (S) (PDF, 125KB)30.9NV-2.4NVNV-7.5
Lockyer Valley (R) (PDF, 129KB)20.3NVNV15.1NV NV
Logan (C) (PDF, 132KB)19.8NVNV11.6NV13.6
Longreach (R) NV17.9NV-14.8NVNV
Mackay (R)NVNV8.3NVNV-8.6
Maranoa (R) NV31.5NVNV41.9-3.2
Mareeba (S) (PDF, 111KB)31.7NVNVNVNV6.7
Moreton Bay (R) (PDF, 137KB)21.9NVNV9.3NV5.2
Mount Isa (C)NVNV-44NVNVNV
Murweh (S) NV75NVNV18.1NV
Noosa  (C) (PDF, 111KB)36.5NVNV6.411.3NV
North Burnett (R) (PDF, 116KB)32.7NVNV10.7NV4.7
Paroo (S)NV78.1NVNV-5.1NV
Quilpie (S) NV85.2NVNV21.8NV
Redland (C) (PDF, 116KB)24.9NVNV10.9NVNV
Richmond (S)NVNV36NVNVNV
Rockhampton (R) (PDF, 158KB)10.5NV-5.3NVNV-8.7
Scenic Rim (R) (PDF, 137KB)24.9NV6.3NV17.3NV
Somerset (R) (PDF, 125KB)21.413.1NV9.2NV 2.3
South Burnett (R) (PDF, 119KB)19.3NVNV4.9NVNV
Southern Downs (R) NV11NVNVNV2.8
Sunshine Coast (R) (PDF, 153KB)28.4NVNV1010.4NV
Tablelands (R) NV19.4NVNVNV2.9
Toowoomba (R) (PDF, 160KB)12.67.8NVNV8.2NV
Torres (S)NVNV8.1NVNV NV
Townsville (C) (PDF, 138KB)10NV0.2NVNV -1.5
Western Downs (R) NV21.6NV21.9NV-2.7
Whitsunday (R) NV9.6NVNVNV-1.5
Winton (S)NVNV52.1NVNVNV