About statutory land valuations in Queensland

Understanding your valuation notice

Types of valuation notice

The Valuer-General issues annual land valuations as well as maintenance valuations.

Land valuation notices

Land valuations are issued by 31 March each year (unless exceptional circumstances apply). Landowners may receive up to 3 different types of valuation notice:

  • Land valuation notice (blue): The new valuation amount on this notice will be used as a basis to calculate local government rates and state land tax (if applicable). If the valuation includes more than one parcel of land, the valuation amount is the total value of all parcels of land combined, including state leasehold and freehold parcels (if applicable).
  • Freehold land valuation notice (orange): This notice is issued if the landowner has both freehold and leasehold land. However, the notice will only advise the valuation of the freehold land. The new valuation on this notice is used by Queensland Revenue Office for levying state land tax, if applicable.
  • State land rental valuation notice (green): This notice relates only to parcels of land that are subject to a lease, licence or permit to occupy under the Land Act 1994. The valuation reflects the state of the land at the commencement of the lease. This valuation is used to calculate state land rentals.

Maintenance valuation notices (light blue)

Maintenance valuations can be issued at any time of the year for land that was not previously valued or whenever a situation arises that requires an existing valuation to be altered (e.g. subdivision, rezoning).

Maintenance valuations become effective from the ‘date of effect’ shown on the notice.

Information on your valuation notice

See an example explaining the components of your valuation notice (PDF, 677KB).

Email valuation notices

You can sign up to receive your land valuation electronically, or change your contact details online. Find out how to change how you receive your land valuation.

If you have opted to have your land valuation notice sent you to by email, you will receive an email from this address: This is a valid Queensland Government email address. The email you receive will have a PDF attachment of your land valuation.

See an example email about land valuation sent by the Queensland Valuer-General (PDF, 375KB).

In this guide:

  1. What is considered when valuing land?
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  3. How non-rural land is valued: site value
  4. Understanding your valuation notice
  5. How land valuations are used
  6. Why your neighbour's valuation may be different from yours
  7. What to do if you disagree with your valuation
  8. Impact of floods and adverse events on valuations
  9. Privacy and use of information

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