Government valuation and property advisory services

The State Valuation Service (SVS) is the largest public sector provider of valuation and property related services in the state, employing more than 140 valuers across a network of 18 regional locations throughout Queensland.

Our services

We provide annual statutory land valuations and maintain the valuations roll on behalf of rateable local governments across Queensland in return for the payment of regulated fees, as well as specialised property advisory services to other government agencies.

Issue of annual land valuations

Issue of annual valuations is based on the decision of the Valuer-General after considering detailed market analysis and consultation with local governments and industry groups. If the Valuer-General determines there has been insufficient market movement in a local government area to warrant an annual valuation, the most current valuation will remain in effect until the next valuation is issued.

Where a local government has not had an annual valuation made for 4 years, the Valuer-General has committed to including that area in the next annual valuation program even though the market analysis may indicate minimal change to value. However, the Valuer-General will only issue the annual valuation where the local government for the area has requested it.

Maintenance valuations

SVS maintains the Queensland valuation and sales database and provides maintenance valuations in the following circumstances:

  • changes to planning schemes, local laws or other local government decisions
  • subdivisions
  • change of land use
  • inadvertent omissions or correction of errors
  • where land becomes rateable
  • combining and separating valuations
  • public works/services
  • damage from adverse natural causes
  • loss or acquisition of rights related to land
  • to ensure uniformity with comparable parcels
  • where part of the land ceases to be rateable.

Specialised advisory services

Our specialised advisory services include:

  • asset valuations of land, buildings and infrastructure
  • market valuations for property disposals (sale of surplus state land) and purchases
  • easement valuations for various infrastructure providers including high-voltage transmission facilities
  • market rental assessments of residential, commercial, industrial and special use premises
  • resumption/acquisition valuation and negotiations
  • Land Court representation for acquisitions and other matters.

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