About land valuations in Queensland

The Valuer-General provides independent advice and transparency in the assessment and issuing of statutory land valuations for all rateable properties in Queensland, in accordance with the Land Valuation Act 2010.

Valuations are issued annually across the state, except in unusual circumstances or where the Valuer-General, after consultation with local government and industry groups, determines there has been insufficient market movement in a local government area to warrant an annual valuation.

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Land values are assessed annually as at 1 October, with notices issued by 31 March in the following year. The new valuations take effect for local government rating or state land tax purposes (where applicable) on 30 June in the year the notice is issued.

If land needs to be revalued between annual valuations (e.g. because of local or state government rezoning or subdivision), a maintenance valuation notice will be issued. The new valuation takes effect on the date shown on the notice.

This guide explains the Queensland land valuation process and answers the most frequently asked questions about valuations.

About land valuations in Queensland

In this guide:

  1. What is considered when valuing land?
  2. How rural land is valued: unimproved value
  3. How non-rural land is valued: site value
  4. Understanding your valuation notice
  5. How land valuations are used
  6. Why your neighbour's valuation may be different from yours
  7. What to do if you disagree with your valuation
  8. Impact of adverse natural events on valuations
  9. Privacy and use of information

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